Anime Review-Robotics;Notes

Alright, first let me start this review with a little information about Robotics;Notes. Robotics;Notes is part of a series which include both Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. The last one in the series is Robotics;Notes. All three in the series tend to focus on similar things and that is science. In Chaos;Head it is based on the idea of the brain and multi-dimensions. Steins;Gate was based on time travel and the effects of it in many different theories. Finally Robotics;Notes is based on what else? Robots and technology all together. Although these three are a part of a series, there is barely any relation between the two The characters and stories are all separate but there are a few common statements and connections that can be made.

So now on to the review, like its predecessors one common thing that you will find is that everything is not as it seems. This anime will cause you to think a little more than your average anime. It will toss some curve balls that you might pick up on before hand but if not it sure will surprise you. The story follows a few kids in high school that all come together to form a robotics club either willingly or forcibly. The main protagonist, Kaito Yashio is a down to earth video gamer that is in the robotics club for his childhood best friend, Akiho Senomiya. Akiho is the main heroine in the story and for her, robots are heroes of justice as she sees in her favorite anime and for this reason she is the chairman of the robotics club. Along with a number of new members and friends they gather along the way, they are attempting to build a giant robot. The beginning reason for the robot was for Akiho to prove that she is as good as her big sister but later they find out that there is more in the works when it comes to the things she loves most. Her favorite anime and her robots, the things she treasures most are under attack by scrutiny and it is up to Kaito to help Akiho save her dreams and the world.

Robotics;Notes brings in similar aspects from the previous works in the series. It is classified as a romance, science-fiction, and thriller. As you soon realize, nothing is as it seems on the surface. Every episode leaves you wondering what might happen next. The action of a robotic anime with the suspense of a detective anime all into one package. The main characters just want to have fun and make a robot but the universe has different plans for them and their giant robot. As for the art work of this anime, it is done very well just like the previous in the series even though there are some differences in the people that worked on all three. The story itself is very well written as well except for a few issues that I personally have regarding the ending.

As I stated earlier, there are only a few similarities between all three of the anime in the series. Some that I feel I should point out is the constant mention of SERN an organization that is known in the science community in these anime. Even though it is spelled with an S it does seem like it is supposed to represent CERN, the European Organization in Nuclear Research. Another similarity between Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes is the use of one phrase “Those eyes, whose are they?” In Chaos;Head, that phrase comes up numerous times but in Robotics;Notes that phrase only comes up once so I do not know how deep that relationship goes. And the final thing I am going to point out is a character that is in both Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes. Nae Tennoji, was the daughter of the tv repair man in Steins;Gate, Yugo. She returns to Robotics;Notes all grown up and working for JAXA. The reason these common things occur in all three of these anime is because even though they don’t have the same story, they do take place in the same world. If you find any other similarities, feel free to comment below.

Now back to the big picture. Personally I like Robotics;Notes. There was a few problems I had with the story especially near the end but that is my personal opinion. I highly recommend watching it, along with the other two anime in the series. On the Fate Scale I give this anime a 7/10 due to my issues with the ending. Feel free to weigh in on my decision and overall description on it. Just remember that this is only a brief review. I want you to watch it for yourself and experience this anime through your own eyes.



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