Anime Review: Your Lie in April

I am going to enjoy writing this review on Your Lie in April. This anime to me was amazing in so many different ways from the art work, to the plot, and even the lessons you learn from it. This anime resonated through me like the songs that were played throughout the story. I will probably keep this review short because words cannot due this one justice. There are few anime that I have watched that caught every inch of my attention like this one. This anime teaches us that one very important lesson in life is to always keep reaching for the stars no matter how many times you fall and even while you feel like you are at the bottom f the ocean, there is always a light that reaches the darkness(that statement will make a little more sense once you watch the anime). Now on to the review of Your Lie in April.

Your Lie in April revolves around a pianist prodigy named Kosei Arima and a free-spirited violinist, Kaori Miyazono. Due to the tragedy, Arima has stopped playing the piano until a beautiful girl came into his life and took it by storm. She filled his world with colors that he had never seen before and the next thing he knew, she was dragging him on stage once again to play the piano side by side with her violin. Slowly love starts to blossom but there is one problem, she already likes someone else and he is just friend A. He tries his best to keep up with her but no matter what it seems that she is always one step ahead of him in terms of life and music. The story builds with more drama coming in the form of lover triangles and rivalry. Adding more obstacles for the duo as they try to live their life of music and continue their journey together. They hold each other up when one begins to fall.

This anime brings in all kinds of aspects into one. The genre is romance, drama, and music. All of them shine brightly in Your Lie in April. Throughout the 22 episodes, you will go on a roller coaster ride. You will laugh one second and then start crying the next. As for the art, it is amazing. The transformation of sound into color is spectacular. The beauty of this anime is beyond comprehension. If it doesn’t make you want to pick up a violin or try to play the piano, nothing will. As for the music of the anime that isn’t played by the characters, it was perfect. The music set each scene and did a phenomenal job. I could feel the tension and the emotion from every scene, not just by the visual effects but also by the sound effects. I give this a 10/10 on the Fate Scale, I honestly found this anime to be perfect in every aspect of it. I know that some people will disagree with me but just give this journey a try if you have not yet. It might just change how you see the world.




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