Anime Review: The World God Only Knows

Alright, first off I would like to apologize for the absence over the past few weeks. I have been busy with multiple things but I have managed to watch a few anime that I will write a review on shortly. For now though I am going to start with the last one I watched which is “The World God Only Knows”. I will only be giving a review on the first and second season though due to the fact that I have not been able to watched the third yet but I will get a review on that as soon as I can.

The anime “The World God Only Knows” is centered around a high school student named Keima Katsuragi(The God of Conquest/The Divine One/The Divine Brother). Keima has the label of God of Conquest for being able to conquer girls, as in 2D video game girls. When it comes to real life girls, he couldn’t care less. The internet knows the God of Conquest and his achievements so people ask for help on beating games and hints on other otaku things. One day Keima gets a message offering him a contract to conquer girls and without any hesitation he accepted the challenge presented before him not knowing that it will change his life forever. A pretty girl appears named Elsie, who is actually a demon from hell that Keima made the contract with. Elsie and the other demons jobs are to hunt down loose souls which are souls that escaped and hide out in the empty parts of peoples hearts. The only way to capture these loose souls is to push out the loose soul and replace it with something else…LOVE. Yes! Keima, The God of Conquest and the one that finds real girls too plain and not interesting must find these cute girls and have them fall in love with him and to fill their hearts completely and push the soul out he finishes with a kiss. This puts a damper on his gaming and the conquest of his 2D girls but with all the experiences he has had with those 2D girls he might find some way to pull of the impossible. Oh and more good news is that the girls don’t remember anything that happened after the soul leaves their heart, I mean isn’t that every guys fantasy? Just kidding girls, it has enough for both guys and girls to love.

This anime is a very cute anime. There are a lot of different aspects to it that make it interesting. One thing it reminds me of a little is a very toned down “Date A Live” mostly with the fact that the characters main objective is to make these girls fall in love with them and finally end with a kiss to save their lives. The main character is very methodical in how he tries to get the attention of each girl in different ways. Even though he is doing it for his own reason of wanting to get out of the contract, Keima shows that he truly ends up caring for each girl and wanting to help them. From a guys point of few, I kind of feel sorry for him because he is getting close to all these girls and in the end they forget all that he did for them.

As for the classification of “The World God Only Knows”, it has many different genres. They are romantic comedy, fantasy, harem, parody, and supernatural. There are plenty of parts that make you laugh as much as you will say “Awe”. Each character represents stereotypes of anime girls such as for example, the library girl. If you truly like anime/manga you should try figuring out your strategy when it comes to getting each girl to notice you. This anime is really good and it is also a good length as well. There are 12 episodes in each of the first two seasons so have fun. Now onto the Fate Scale, I give “The World God Only Knows” a 8.5 out of 10. I honestly cannot wait to watch the third season and I hope that you will give them a try too.



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