Is Time Travel Possible?

The question that is brought up from many works of science fiction such as “Back To The Future”, “Terminator”, “Steins;Gate” and so on. That question is “Is Time Travel Possible?” In some of these works, they explain the actual science behind it such as the latter of the three in which I had previously done a review on. In “Steins;Gate” the story constantly provides some of the science of time travel in terms of the Butterfly Effect specifically. I will briefly give a few examples of such theories as for a introduction on one of the topics I wish to discuss on this blog.

So before I begin with the science, I want to bring up an organization that has the means to begin the tests into time travel. This organization is named CERN, which is a European Organization in Nuclear Research based in Switzerland. The reason why it is believed that this groups has the means to produce results on the theories of time travel is because they have already built the tool that is believed to be the key, the Large Hadron Collider(LHC). The LHC is the largest particle collider ever built as well as the most powerful. The use for the LHC is to break into the unknown realm of physics that has yet to be explored. There are still many things that still allude mankind and this is one way to figure out a few of those things. There is currently known purposes of the LHC such as trying to determine if there are any extra dimensions as well as the relationship between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Of course the more that is found out about these things, the more questions will come up. So maybe if we continue to push our science into the unknown, we might find ways of breaking the laws of time.

Now back to time travel,  there are many theories that must be understood before diving head first into the abyss. I am only going to specify a few in this blog(which include both come from both the science community as well as the science fiction community) and then go into more details in later blogs by pointing out the specifics of each one. If you plan on continuing this journey, I suggest that you start to look into these theories before reading my next blogs about them so you will have a better understanding. This will also help you to point out things that you may think I am wrong about. By doing this we can create a whole new idea that may change the shape of how we look at basis of time travel. Some of the theories I will be bringing up are. (List below)

  1. General Theory of Relativity
  2. Use of Black Holes, Wormholes, or Cosmic Strings
  3. Many-Worlds Interpretation
  4. Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel
  5. Grandfather Paradox
  6. Relativity of Simultaneity
  7. Theory of Compossibility
  8. Immutable Timeline

Question everything you see to understand the universe. Search for your own reality within all of the others.