Anime Review-Steins;Gate

So first officially I would like to say that I have wanted to watch this anime for awhile now due to the fact that it is majorly based on time travel but have not had the opportunity. With that being said, I would also like to state that I wish I have watched this anime much sooner. In visual effect, the anime does a great job. The artwork is phenomenal throughout the anime. In terms of plot, the plot is based on time travel and the effects that it has on the world. It brings in multiple theories of time travel such as the butterfly effect and it’s applications towards the theory of multiverse or more specifically the many worlds interpretation. Steins;Gate brings all of these theories and conveys them all in terms that everyone can understand if they listen. Another aspect of this anime that makes it a great watch is the plot twists that make the viewer wonder what they would do in the same situation and also makes the viewer try to figure out for themselves what will happen next. The science behind this anime may not be yet proven but it sure does make one think about what the cause and effects of tampering with such a powerful force.

To put this review to an end, I have watched many different kinds of anime and I must say that this one is unique. I give this anime a 9/10 on Fate Scale do to a few slight things that weren’t quite explained thoroughly enough. This anime is a science-fiction, mystery, and romance but who knows, maybe someday it won’t be fiction anymore. The future is still unforeseen so all we can do is try to question our reality until we find our own answers to it.